A Commitment to Conservation

Every National Park Magic ornament is inspired by the majesty of our nation's parks and graced with our signature Arrowhead Charm—a symbol of your contribution to preserving these public lands.

Our Donation Pledge

We believe in making a tangible impact. That’s why we’ve committed to channel our support directly to specific, ongoing projects within the National Parks. By concentrating our donations in this manner, we ensure that every dollar makes a difference. Every purchase you make contributes to these vital initiatives, aiding in their success and sustainability.
Trails Forever

Current Project:
Spotlight on “Trails Forever”

When you purchase a park specific ornament, your purchase will help support a project in the park that your ornament depicts. You will be able to learn more about the projects directly on the product page.  Right now, when you purchase a non-specific park ornament our focus is on “Trails Forever,” a remarkable project dedicated to preserving and rehabilitating the trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Here’s what Friends of the Smokies says about the project…

Preserve Trails Forever:

In 2012, Friends of the Smokies, alongside a generous matching gift from the Aslan Foundation in Knoxville, established the Trails Forever endowment. This initiative has flourished, amassing over $6 million and funding a full-time trail crew. Their crucial work focuses on reconstructing and rehabilitating the park’s most heavily impacted trails, making Trails Forever the fastest growing endowment in the National Park System.

The Arrowhead Charm: A Symbol of Stewardship

Each of our ornaments is adorned with an Arrowhead Charm, a meaningful emblem that goes beyond mere decoration. As you unwrap these treasures each Christmas, let the charm serve as a heartfelt reminder of the significant role you play in preserving our national parks. 

This charm does more than just represent our brand; it symbolizes your direct impact and commitment to the enhancement and conservation of these precious natural treasures.

Arrow Charm

Your Impact:

By choosing National Park Magic, you’re directly contributing to the growth of the Trails Forever endowment, aiding in the monumental task of repairing all trails in the Smokies for all time. Your support ensures that these trails remain safe, accessible, and beautiful for generations to come.

Trails Forever 2
Trails Forever 3

Together, We Make a Difference

Our ornaments are a celebration of nature’s wonders, and with your help, we can give back to the parks that inspire us all. Join us in our mission to ensure the preservation and enjoyment of our national parks for all time.

Thank you for standing with us and the parks.