Fly Agaric Mushroom – Orange


Bring the mystical charm of our parkland forests into your home with our Orange Fly Agaric mushroom ornament! A symbol of good luck in the wild, it brings a piece of that luck and the enchanting beauty right into your home. This rare fungi replica adds a whimsical touch to your decor and every purchase supports the conservation of these magical places, keeping the spirit of National Park Magic alive for future explorers.

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This orange fly agaric mushroom ornament is a delightful decorative piece designed to replicate the striking appearance of the Amanita muscaria mushroom. Featuring a bright orange cap adorned with contrasting white spots and a brilliant white stem, this ornament is a charming addition to any space.

  • Our Commitment: Every ornament purchased directly contributes to the preservation of our National Parks, funding crucial projects in parks across the U.S.
  • Arrowhead Charm: Each of our ornaments is adorned with an Arrowhead Charm, a meaningful emblem that goes beyond mere decoration. As you unwrap these treasures each Christmas, let the charm serve as a heartfelt reminder of the significant role you play in preserving the magic of our national parks.
  • Gorgeous Gift Box: Every ornament is packaged in a beautiful keepsake National Park Magic themed gift box! Ready for gifting or storing as your own treasure!
  • Measurements: Height – 3 1/2 inches; Width – 3 inches