Ranger Sasquatch


Ranger Sasquatch is our whimsical take on the big brown guy that roams our National Parks and Forests! Our sparkly green Sasquatch who dons a Park Ranger hat is a friendly little fellow, blending whimsy with an iconic park sign and message!

‘Leave No Trace’ Reminder: Ranger Sasquatch playfully champions the National Park’s essential motto, urging us to respect nature and Leave No Trace!

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This National Park Magic Ranger Sasquatch encapsulates both the wonder of exploration and the importance of conservation in one delightful ornament. His name is Clingsby! We spotted him off in the distance hiking Clingman’s Dome in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park one summer! Keep a lookout if you’re hiking up there!

  • Gift for Wilderness Lovers: The perfect ornament for those who cherish the untouched beauty and magic of our national parks.
  • Beyond Decoration: More than just a festive piece, it signifies a pledge to safeguard the magic and pristine state of our treasured parklands.
  • Our Commitment: Every ornament purchased directly contributes to the preservation of our National Parks, funding crucial projects in parks across the U.S.
  • Arrowhead Charm: Each of our ornaments is adorned with an Arrowhead Charm, a meaningful emblem that goes beyond mere decoration. As you unwrap these treasures each Christmas, let the charm serve as a heartfelt reminder of the significant role you play in preserving the magic of our national parks.
  • Gorgeous Gift Box: Every ornament is packaged in a beautiful keepsake National Park Magic themed gift box! Ready for gifting or storing as your own treasure!
  • Measurements: Height – 5 3/8 inches; Width – 3 3/4 inches; Depth – 1 1/2 inches